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Atlantic Site Acquisition (ASA) is a wireless site development company with a long-standing history of delivering on the promises we make to our clients.  We believe that ASA is uniquely qualified to assist it’s customers with their efforts to deploy Wireless Communications Networks in the Continental United States as well as other business endeavours relating to wireless infrastructure.

The highlights of our qualifications are as follows:

Quality of Product:  Throughout ASA’s history we have provided our clients a service level that is focused on top quality.  Due to the quality of service we provide, the company has consistently developed long-term relationships with our clients.

Performance: Focusing on the long term goals of our clients is the driving factor in ASA’s success.  ASA has completed site acquisition services on hundreds of wireless sites...offering various services specific to each clients needs. Our clients chose only those services that they need, not necessary all the services that we offer.

Reference Checks:  ASA has multiple references available upon request, and those references are only a small indication of ASA’s commitment to our clients. 

Customer Service/Support:  As a small wireless service provider, ASA is perfectly positioned to offer specific support services to customers who desire to maintain control of the site development process within the confines of their own companies but need help with collocation negotiations and guidance on the best methods of site selection.  We help network developers navigate the pit falls and money traps of leasing commercial communication towers. At ASA, we believe it is important to regularly follow-up with our customers and quickly address issues that arise.  As the industry continues to grow and change, we believe that our knowledge and experience creates savings that pay for our services many times over.   

Scalability:  ASA has a history of managing projects that range from single sites to complete wireless networks. Our relationships and contacts give us the ability to scale up and provide collocation facilitation and siting recommendations at any level.  While comfortable with small and medium size (max single state) network acquisition services we are quick to recommend our industry partners when projects exceed ASA abilities. Our team of industry partners is also committed to meeting customer goals and delivering a quality product.

Technical Capability: ASA has the ability to create an Internet project page for new projects, including up-to-date project schedules, tracking tools, worksite forms, digital pictures, etc.




  • Locate & acquire appropriate locations for raw land tower development
  • Locate & acquire collocation opportunities, for service providers
  • Abstract jurisdictional zoning requirements for tower development
  • Research and report on potential telecommunication sites (private and public)
  • Establish contacts and create relationships with potential site owners and agencies
  • Research and document search areas and sites
  • Evaluate and recommend lease vs. purchase options
  • Develop market studies
  • Negotiate and facilitate leases and purchases
  • Strategic planning, time line and organization of tower development process
  • Zoning, permitting, and coordination of regulatory consultants
  • Evaluate, recommend, and coordinate engineers and contractors
  • Responsible for regulatory implications -- FCC, FAA, NEPA/SHPO
  • Public presentations
  • Experienced in training site acquisition specialists

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