Our Philosophy

ASA works to provide our customers maximum value for the money they invest in our services.  We focus on several key elements to make that a reality in our site development offerings:

Time is money.  It is a cliché, but it holds true in wireless site development.  Speed and knowledge of project timing is a critical part of the ASA solution.   ASA has the tools and the relationships to complete their work quickly...efficiently bringing together the pieces for a successful project.  

Our philosophy is to do as much as possible to make our customers’ lives easy.  This means taking care of the little issues and problems that manifest themselves on every wireless site development project.  It also means that we listen to issues and make recommendations to solve them.  We want your future business, and we hope to get it by making you successful.

Pick the right site.   We have all seen sites go nowhere due to the fact that the wrong site candidate was selected.  Typically, the wireless provider selects a poor site due to the fact that not enough site information was provided or obtained to review all the facts or the site development team is not asking the right questions to make the best site selection.  Much worse are the sites that are developed that don’t solve the coverage objectives.  ASA understands our customers lose revenue everyday a site is not on-air, and lose more when they invest in developing a site that can’t deliver service to the coverage objective. ASA looks at all the factors that go into good site development, coverage objective, leasing rates, and construction costs.  We always look at our customer’s investment as if it were an investment we were making ourselves.

We negotiate. Lately, the industry has been focusing on site lease costs after-the-fact by paying consultants to renegotiate expensive leases.  We negotiate the best deal possible for our customers to “protect our customer’s money.” 

ASA has a long-term view.  When ASA wins a new project, we work hard to build a partnering relationship with that customer that expands and lasts.   We have numerous examples of projects where we have supported customers for 2 and 3 years. Most important, our support only ends when the scope of work has been completed.  When our customer’s next project starts, we are there once again to help facilitate their acquisition needs. Our customers benefit by receiving stable and consistent service year after year.