Atlantic Wind Acquisition

An emerging division of Atlantic Site Acquisition a maryland green company

Wind Power Photo

Atlantic Wind Acquisition (AWA) – Our Mission is two-fold; To offer turn-key developmental coordination and services for economically positive wind power generation ventures for private businesses, industries and private individuals, state and local jurisdictional authorities and institutional facilities. Through our experience and expertise develop concepts and applications that maximizes wind power generation technology in a manner that delivers the maximum power for the minimum dollar.

ASA/AWA has based our entire history and success on operating with sound business principles. Our focus has been to find the niche where our services are more than desired but sought after. Our growth is measured and strong because of qualified, talented, innovative individuals that share our core character and values.

ASA/AWA will utilize our past experiences to eliminate mistakes and design limitations that we have witnessed. Our goal is to create a standard of service that sets us apart from all every other renewable energy offerings to our targeted clients.

Finally, there is not finer collection of researchers, coordinators, and developers tasked to solving the issues that limit the needed scaled infrastructure to generate energy through wind today. This is the very thing that will make ASA/AWA a huge success.